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Transport Companies in Saudi Arabia

There is no doubt that the transport sector is one of the most important facilities of any country, especially if it is a country the size of Saudi Arabia, where the late King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the founder of the Kingdom since its inception, has set up a giant communications and communications network linking the UAE and its cities. With the acceleration of the implementation of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, the interest in the transport sector has increased with a focus on introducing further developments in the transport sector, whether by land, sea or air transport, both public and private, by updating the fleets of cars and trucks used for transport or re-paving S and provide security and safety services on them, the increasing number of transportation companies in Saudi Arabia to cover the needs of the population and expatriates, and to passenger transport services next to shipping services and transport of goods, furniture, petroleum and other derivatives.

Land Transport in Saudi Arabia

At a glance at the official report issued by the Saudi Ministry of Transport on the movement of road transport in Saudi Arabia in May 2018, we note that the total traffic, which took place in all the ways of the Kingdom, and the length of about 68 thousand km, has reached 58 million trips in a month The Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for the various road transport facilities, And the sea in the Kingdom to create more roads and bridges Maintenance of existing ones and regulate land and maritime transport in various technical, administrative and regulatory aspects and supervision of railway lines and ports, which kept pace with the boom in the Saudi transport sector and traffic across the vast kingdom lines and sprawling

Saudi Shipping Companies

Shipping services are a significant part of the movement of transport within the Kingdom, so there are many Saudi shipping companies specialized in the transfer of goods, products, furniture, petroleum products and other movables that citizens and expatriates wish to ship and transport between the regions of the Kingdom, which require a lot of efficiency and professionalism in the transfer , So that they do not suffer damage or breakage if they are suitable for this, or if they are liquid or flammable with regard to petroleum derivatives, or pollution of the environment with respect to gas derivatives, and some expensive and expensive movables require much care and insurance when transported Such as funds, jewels, antiques, etc. Among the many shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, Al-Saher continues to combine the high efficiency, undervalued prices, safety and confidence of the vast majority of citizens and investment companies that have relied on it for its transportation services for more than 40 years. Aramco Petroleum Derivatives Company.

Best Shipping Company in Saudi Arabia

With over 40 years of experience now and the confidence we have in the large Saudi companies, which depend on daily and continuous transportation services throughout the year, we are confident that Al Saher is the best shipping company in Saudi Arabia. Is a limited liability company that owns a fleet of modern vehicles dedicated to the transport of goods, petroleum and its derivatives. It is equipped with all surveillance and safety devices. It carries freight and transport services in all regions of Saudi Arabia. We also cover various industrial sectors, It has become, through chemicals and commodities sales and retail and durable goods, and even the energy, oil and gas.